Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021

You might be looking for Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021, if so then don’t worry you are at right place. We will share and discuss some of the best and top free or paid password managers which can store your passwords efficiently and can be accessed from multiple devices. Before jumping into the main list let’s firstly discuss what exactly is a password manager and why it is used.

What is Password Manager and why it is used ?

You use internet and browse dozens of websites daily and on majority of them, you will need to login with your username and password or other login details but remembering all of them is a hectic task and you might lose an account if you forget it’s login details. That is where a password manager comes into play, it is a type of digital vault that stores your password and other login details and auto fill the fields when you open the website on any the device.

The password managers also gives you the suggestions for creating a strong password on any site. They can be installed as extension on browsers or as apps on desktop and on your mobile phones.

Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021

There are many password managers available in the market that can be used across multiple devices but choosing one that is safe and trustable is difficult. Below is the list of some of the popular and trusted password managers right now.

1. LastPass

LastPass is one the top of the list of best password managers as it is one of the popular and widely used app for this purpose. It is easy to use and comes with a support of all of the major platforms along with a long range of features. It has both paid and free versions. The free version of it does not syncs across the unlimited devices instead only among the computer of mobile but even in it’s free version it provides unlimited passwords, a password generator and secure storage.

It uses two factor authentication, a good user experience and a normal range pricing.

Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021

2. Dashlane

The Dashlane replicates LastPass in platform support feature and has very excellent software for desktop. Its most popular feature is the bulk password changer that can reset dozens of passwords at once.

Dashlane is well designed, very easy to use and good at adding your personal information in online forms. A scanner option in it goes through your inbox of your email to find online accounts that you may have forgotten.

It’s biggest drawback is its high price, which is $60 per year whereas the free version comes with limited functionality.

3. 1Password

It’s also another popular password manager that can be used on multiple devices. In addition to the simple task of managing the passwords, it will alert you when you use a weak password or when your password is leaked in an international or local data breach.

It has apps on all major platforms including, Android, macOS, iOS and Windows along with the browser extensions that works on all famous browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021

4. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a good and popular password manager with low prices, full featured free version and attractive design. It is best choice for those who want to sync across all of their devices without paying anything.

It is an open source application. The free version allows you to securely send the login details to another person through an option known as Bitwarden Send.

Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices 2021

5. NordPass

It is comparatively new password manager in the market as compared to the others. It comes from the same company as of the famous NordVPN app. The free version of this app is limited to one device only and if you want to use it on multiple devices than you’ve to pay for it.

It also comes with a personal information storage option through which you can store your phone number, address or other personal data.


So this was the list of Best Password Manager App for Multiple Devices in 2021 which can installed and used easily. All of them are used by thousands of users all across the world and are trustable. You can also choose one for you that suits your needs.

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