Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021

You might be looking for Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021, if so then you are at right place. We will discuss and share some of the top of the line alternatives to the most popular video sharing platform YouTube. There are many other platforms like it but choosing one from the long list is a bit tricky but we will try to make it simple for you. But before jumping into the main list let’s firstly discuss what exactly YouTube and why you should look for its alternative.

What is YouTube and why you might switch to alternative platform

YouTube is an online video sharing platform on which hundreds of thousands of creators from across the world share the videos of different types like tech, daily routine, vlogs, food and others. YouTube pays the content creators after the meet the specific criteria set by them. It places the ads on the videos and based on the engagement from those Ads, it shares revenue with the creators.

But due to it’s strict policies, less revenue share, saturated platform and may other factors,the creators are now looking for some alternate platform that can meet their requirements and pays them well.

Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021

Below are some of the alternative platforms which allow video sharing and pays good amount of revenue to the creators.

1. DailyMotion

Dailymotion is one of the popular and widely used video sharing site that is very similar to YouTube in terms of feel, look and content. It is the place where you can upload the content similar to that of YouTube. It grabs monthly views of over 100 million and still growing with good pace. Creating an account on it is very easy, and this platform start paying you on earnings from the advertisements that shows up on your videos as soon as you get eligible for their advertising program.

You can include advertisements in videos before, during, or after a video is completely watched. The site is completely free to use and has many of the features and other things almost similar to YouTube.

Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a good Platform for the creator who has a habit for making high-quality videos, and also those who enjoy watching those videos. It is basically a video sharing site that is centered around professionals and allows videographers to quickly stream, rent or sell their videos to the audience anywhere around the world. This can include a short clip or full-length film.You will love it if you have a good talent for making high-quality videos.

Vimeo offers a different technique for generating revenue and money than the other video sharing sites. Instead of depending on the random advertising revenue, as other platforms do, It allows creators to sell their videos to the users of this platform or through subscription. The revenue for selling the videos or subscriptions for channel on It is very good, with paying 90% of the revenue generated to the creators.

Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021

3. Facebook

Facebook is a famous and most popular social media platform that has also started paying on the videos that are uploaded on it by different creators. It places ads on the videos through InStream Ads and shares a good percentage of revenue with the creators, making it a suitable alternative of the YouTube.

You can become eligible to be in their monetization program after meeting their criteria and start earning right away through your videos.

4. Twitch

Twitch is an online gaming and streaming platform which is being used by both creators and the audience across the world. You can join it for free and offers two ways to generate the revenue from it. As an affiliate, you can receive the donations, sell your merchandise, and collect the monthly subscriptions.

It also offers a partner program through which you can get a good share of revenue generated from ads.

Best Platforms Like YouTube to Earn Money in 2021


So these some of the best alternative platforms to YouTube through which you can share you videos to your audience and earn a good amount through it. All of them are trustable and verified. You can choose anyone from it which suits your need.

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