How to Buy a Domain Name Permanently? Is it Possible?

Buying a domain name is always been crucial, whether is it for personal use of for business use. First step is to decide which domain name are you going to buy, after getting done with it now its time to decide which registrar you are going to choose and for how many period will you acquire it. Many people decide to buy the domain for shorter period of time as they want to run it on trial basis and they don’t have to pay much for it. But on the other side some decide to buy it for longer period of time as they’ve bigger plans for it, so the question arises How to Buy a Domain Name Permanently?

Before jumping onto our main topic, we firstly have to know about the science behind domain registration.

Registries, Registrars and Registrants

There are registries which allows the domain registration on different TLDs like .com, .net, .org and others. But there are millions of active domains and to manage them accurately the registries share their burden with other organizations known as registrars. They fetch the data from registries and pay on the behalf of registrants (the one who wants to buy the domain). The registrars act as a middleman.

How to Buy a Domain Name Permanently?

If we simply answer this question directly, then the answer is No. You cannot buy a domain permanently. The ICANN which governs the international domain registration and related matters allows domain to be acquired for maximum of 10 years. But there are some strategies through which you can retain it for lifetime.

1. Long Term Contract

You can make a long term contract with domain registrar for the domain registration. Many of them offer registration for as long as 45 years to 100 years and lifetime. But wait ICANN doesn’t allows it, then how is this even possible?. Well they buy the domain from registries for 10 years and take payment from you for the lifetime then they keep renewing it after every 10 years from their end and keep repeating this.

2. Hire a Person or Agency

You can also hire a person or agency for this task, they will renew the domain on your behalf and will take fee from you for this service but this strategy isn’t recommended as it will expose your domain to the third party and if they decide to stop their services, you will end up nowhere.

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You aren’t going to get the domain registration time for lifetime directly from ICANN or registries. You can achieve it through the strategies explained above. The registrars will renew the domain on your behalf as long as they are present. This was the only solution to this problem which we’ve stated. If you still have any questions about this, you can let us know in the comments section.

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