How to Connect Domain and Hosting – Complete Guide

Buying a domain and hosting is not a tough task, you just have to go to any domain registrar or hosting provider and select the one according to your need and choice. Now after it, domain needs to be hosted on some server, so that it becomes visible on the internet and you can easily setup your website on it and then upload content on it. The hosting can be from the same company from where you’ve purchased the domain and it can be different also. So now the the question arises How to Connect Domain and Hosting.

Before jumping onto the main topic, what is domain and what is hosting?

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What is Domain

Domain name is the address or set of words which the users type in the address bar to access a website. It replaces the need to type IP address and allows anyone to access the website just by typing some string of words in plain English. Domain name is always unique in combination with the TLD like .com, .org etc. Two domains with same word but with different TLD will be considered different.

What is Hosting

Hosting refers to the process of buying/renting a space from a company to host a website. Every website on the internet needs a server on which it stores its files. Many hosting companies like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hostinger etc. provides different types of hosting services. Depending upon the size, usage and user interaction, the website owner can easily choose from a list of plans given by the companies.

How to Connect Domain and Hosting

Now we assume that you’ve bought the domain and hosting from a trusted company. Now its time to connect the both and start the website. There are three different possibilities which exist and we will discuss each in detail.

Connect Domain and Hosting of Same Company

If you’ve bought hosting and domain from the same company then it’s easy to connect the both. We will take the example of Namecheap but process will remain same for almost every company.

Firstly login to your hosting provider website account by providing your username and password.

Then select Domain List option from it and from there, select the domain which you want to connect to the hosting and click on Manage In front of it.

On the next page, select the Web Hosting DNS with your hosting provider name and click on Ok. This will complete the process.

Some hosting plans even from the same company asks you to add the custom DNS in nameservers. This will be present in your hosting account notifications or confirmation email after the purchase. In that case, select Custom DNS from the dropdown list and add the nameservers address there and save it.

It will almost take 24 to 48 hours for your domain to become fully integrated with hosting, this is known as propagation period.

Connect Domain and Hosting of Different Companies

If you’ve purchased the domain and hosting from two different companies, then connecting both of them isn’t also a big task. You just have to fetch the DNS nameservers from your hosting provider and connect your domain with it.

Login to your hosting provider account or check your confirmation email, from there copy the nameservers of the hosting.

Now move to the domain registrar account and select the domain which you want to connect to the hosting. After that select Custom DNS.

On next page, enter the nameservers and select OK to complete the process.

This process will also take around 24 to 48 hours for your domain to fully connect with the hosting.

Connect Domain with Your Own Server or through Host Records

Sometimes, you want to host the domain on your own server or the hosting company provides you the IP address to connect your domain with it. In both the cases A Records for your domain must be created to achieve the goal and it can be done by following the steps below.

Login to your domain registrar account and locate your domain list, from there open the settings of the domain which you want to connect.

After that click on Advanced DNS tab.

Now click on Add New Record Option from Host Records.

Select A Record from the dropdown list of Type and enter the Host name to which you want to connect your domain in the next field.

Now enter the IP Address of the host server like in this case.

Next is to select the TLL time, if you don’t know about it then leave it on Automatic.

Some hosting providers might demand to add additional records like CNAME Record or URL Redirect Record. Both of them can be added by following the same method above, you just have to change the values in the fields which will be provided by the hosting company.

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After adding all these records and completing the above procedure, you now need to check if there are any records with the same host name as they might create conflict. If found any, you just have to remove by clicking the delete icon in front of them.


So these were the methods through which you can easily connect your domain and hosting with each other. All of the possibilities like connect both from same company, from different companies and through host records or own server were discussed in detail. The example was taken on Namecheap hosting and domain company but the methods will remain same for other hosting adn domain providers also. We hope that you have found our article informative and still if you’ve any question in mind regarding it, you can let us know in the comment section.

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