How to Earn Money Online From Facebook 2021 Step by Step Guidance

Now anyone can earn money online from Facebook groups, page through ads and Facebook Marketplace. Facebook pages and groups offer many opportunities to make money online. There are different ways to earn money and profits from a Facebook account. Facebook needs monetization for earning. User can make money online through its monetized Facebook page. Today we will discuss that how i can earn money from Facebook?.

How to Earn Money From Facebook

Ways to Make Money using Facebook

There are different ways to make money online using Facebook. You can make earn money through Facebook groups, pages, Facebook Marketplace and fanpages. You can also earn your profits by selling your products or any services. User can also get jobs though their Facebook accounts.

Make Money Online from Facebook Group

People can make their Facebook groups to connect each other. They share their things, thoughts and feeling to their groups. Some people male Facebook Group according to their niche and sell their products or services. For example, a user make Facebook group named “Best Mobile Accessories”. In this group user can sell his mobile accessories online through Facebook and get more profit.

How to Make Money Online From Facebook 2021

Earn Money from Facebook Page likes

Facebook Page is use to make fan following and famous brand. For example, McDonald’s is a Facebook Page, 81M are likes of this page. This page become a brand, now the admin of this page can sell its services or products from it easily and can earn profit more. User can monetize their Facebook Page with Google AdSense.

How to Monetize Facebook page

For Facebook Page monetization, you have to pass Facebook’s┬ámonetization eligibility criteria. After fulfill the given criteria, you have to click on Creator Studio and then “Monetisation”. (On the left side bar of Facebook page, there is Creator Studio). In Monetisation section, you need to meet eligibility criteria to use monetisation tools. After this Facebook will reviewed it deeply for monetisation. You will receive an email after your application has been reviewed.


Anyone can make money online by using Facebook groups and pages. User can sell their products and services on Facebook groups. People can also earn money through Facebook page monetisation. Except of these, you can sell on Facebook Marketplace. People who have professional degree and have professional experience can also apply for suitable jobs through Facebook account. User can also get job as a Social Media Manager to manage the Facebook pages and groups.

We hope after reading this article, any user can earn money online or get a job from Facebook. We hope this article will helpful for you. If you want to learn that how you can make you Facebook account with number click here.

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