How to make video call or voice call in WhatsApp Web in Laptop & PC

Now you can make video call or voice call from WhatsApp Web in your Laptop & PC. This feature is available in latest versions of WhatsApp application. It will be useful for those who use WhatsApp desktop every day for work or personal purposes. To make video call or voice call, you should have WhatsApp account in your smartphone.

How to make video call or voice call in WhatsApp Web in Laptop & PC

How to Download WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication app by Facebook. There are 138 million people who use WhatsApp Messenger on their smartphones. If you do not have WhatsApp on your computer. You can download it for Windows 32-bit here, Windows 64-bit here and Mac here easily. If you are using smartphone and want to download WhatsApp for Android phone so click here.

How to make WhatsApp calls on a PC

To make WhatsApp calls on a PC or laptop, you need three things. You can Internet connection, microphone and an audio output device to make call on WhatsApp. Secondly, WhatsApp permission will be required to access your computer’s microphone and camera to make calls.

There are 8 steps to make video call or voice call on desktop through WhatsApp Web as below.

  • First of all, Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and become online.
  • Now, select the menu which you can see on the top right side of your mobile phone.
  • You can see WhatsApp Web in menu. Select WhatsApp Web.
  • On Laptop/PC, search
  • Now point your mobile screen to capture the code. When you will point your mobile to capture the code, your mobile will scanned it and connect.
  • Finally your WhatsApp is connected with your laptop/PC
  • On you Laptop/PC WhatsApp, you can see Camera and Mike icon. Camera icon use for video call and Mike for voice call.
  • You can call to anyone from your contact list who have WhatsApp. You send your call permission to other user, if other user accept then your can do video or voice call to him.

WhatsApp Mods

If you want to know about Fouad WhatsApp click here. User can download the Fouad WhatsApp latest version from given link. Fouad WhatsApp is a whatsapp mod which works same as WhatsApp Messenger.

We hope this article will helpful for you to make calls from WhatsApp Web in Laptop & PC by using WhatsApp Messenger.

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