Top 7 Social Media Apps for iPhone Users – iPhone Social Media Apps

Today we are discussing Top 7 Social Media Apps for iPhone Users in the world. Social media is supposed to be personal enjoyment and way to pass the time. Social media apps are way to connected with friends, to meet new friends and to overcome stress. There are thousands of social apps for iPhone users on apple account but we will discuss top seven apps here. Facebook

Top 7 Social Media Apps for iPhone Users - iPhone Social Media Apps

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the first app which connect with iOS first. Anyone have Facebook account on web browse to meet their friends. In Facebook, you can share your pics, images, videos, personal ideas and phrases. People do marketing through Facebook too. Now Facebook has also a marketplace to sale something which is very useful its user to to buy online. You can make any edits to your profile, groups and pages.

2. Tweetbot

Tweetbot is a part of Twitter. Twitter developed it for iPhone and iPad users especially. You ca see and retweet from people you follow with no sponsored. You can create list and can use them as timeline. The latest update version of Tweetbot has new and interesting features such as GIF support right in the timeline, dark theme and auto video playback and much more. Tweetbot is not free of cost, its paid applications. Users have to pay to download this social app for iPhone and iPad.

3. Twitterrific

If user does not want pay and download Tweetbot and don’t like Twitter app then user can use it as alternative. On other words you can say Twitterrific is a alternative of Tweetbot. You can also share read tweets from people you follow. It can also create support for lists, mute filters for keywords and phrases. Twitterrific has multi page support. This social media app is free for iPhone and iPad both.

4. Instagram

Instagram is also a social media app which use to share photos and videos with the world even you can share your stories on it. You can share 10 photos at a time in it. If people posts in another language, it has a feature to translate in your language to ready easily. Instagram has a great algorithm to show your relevant content which you search many times. You can share and pin your ideas to others in Instagram. Now you can create your business profile on Instagram. Instagram is available free for iPhone and iPad users.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

There are billions of WhatsApp Messenger users and have 2 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp Messenger lets you to communicate with others at a time. You can send your images, videos, voice, GIF, stickers, multimedia files and personal documents through it. WhatsApp Messenger has also video and voice call features. You can make groups and can do group chats on it through internet connection. you have no international fees to worry about & you’re always connected through it.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is also a popular social media application. It is free and available for Android, iPhone and iPad users. There are ton of different and amazing fun effects and lenses to take selfies and photos as well. Everything you post on Snapchat stays for only 24 hours & after it deleted. You can send your images, videos, voice and multimedia files through it.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most famous and popular application in the world because it easy to use and has useful interface. By using it, you can stay connected with your professional colleagues and friends. LinkedIn does not waste your time because you can share or take different ideas from your professional colleagues and friends who connected with you on LinkedIn Application. This social app is free for Android, iPhone and iPad users.

Except these applications, there a lot of social media apps on internet for users. These can be free or paid but most of free of them. Social media is a big part of internet marketing so don’t forget to get out there creative ideas. We discussed Top Best 7 Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad users. we hope this article will helpful for you. If you have any query please contact us by commenting.

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