What is VPN and Why do i Need it? – Complete Guide

The world is using the internet more than ever and the information flow through it is unimaginable. The extended use also comes with the risk of stealing the user data and tracking their activities without their consent by hackers, government agencies, ISPs etc. This creates a loophole in the internet security which needs to filled specially when you are using the internet at public places. Also sometimes the users also wants to access the web content which is banned in their region. This is mostly countered by a technology known as VPN(Virtual Private Network), so What is VPN and Why do i Need it?

What is VPN?

VPN is a tool used to hide the location of the user on internet and stops the third parties from tracking its activities by masking the IP address. It creates a private network on the device and makes the sharing online more secure. The connection through it is said to be established when all of the incoming and outgoing traffic becomes encrypted and is routed through the virtual servers of the VPN providers.

How does a VPN Works?

VPN works in different phases to secure the online identity of the user, firstly it connects the user to the set of servers through the process known as tunneling, these servers becomes the new virtual location. The data which is sent and received travels through these servers instead of original ones which in return hides the exact location of the user and stops the intruders from tracking their activities.

Why do i need a VPN?

VPN helps the users to hide themselves from the trackers and share the information online without any fear of being tracked or stolen. They can also access their favorite content if is banned or unavailable in the specific region.

Benefits of using the VPN

There are many other benefits which a VPN provides, which are listed below.

Hiding from the trackers and hackers

By using the VPN, any person, third party app or government agency cannot track your internet usage and access your personal information. This also helps you to connect to the public Wi-Fi’s without any fear.

Access any Content from Anywhere

Many times you try to access your favorite content from you locality but it says that it is unavailable in your area or region. This can also be countered by using VPN as it will hide the location and change it according to your choice. Sometimes the specific website also gets banned in your country by the government but you want to access it, this can also be achieved through VPN.

Secure Online Banking and Transactions

When purchasing something online or doing online transaction, you enter your credit card details or bank details which is a very sensitive information and if stolen, it can result in loss of your hard earned money. Some powerful VPNs add an extra layer of encryption to strengthen the online transactions security and save you from getting robbed online.

How to Install VPN?

VPN can easily be installed, configured and used on any device, whether its PC, Laptop or Mobile and on any OS like Windows, Linux, MacOS and Chrome OS. It comes in different modes like standalone setups, browser extensions and router extensions. We will discuss its different modes and how to install them separately.

Install VPN on PC and Mac

You can download and install the setup of the VPN client of any famous provider and use it. The extension of the setup may differ on each OS but the procedure remains the same. The common steps are given below.

  • Download the setup according to your OS and system architecture.
  • Locate the setup and start its installation.
  • Complete the steps and open it.
  • Select your virtual location and start browsing.

Install VPN as Browser Extension

VPN can also be installed as a browser extension in many famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Brave. You just have to visit the extension store of the respective browser and search for any good VPN. Add it your browser and selection the location of your choice and start browsing.

Install VPN on Router

If you are using multiple devices on the same network then you can install VPN directly on router instead of installing it separately on each device. In this way, all of the traffic which will be routed through the device will have VPN’s control over it. It can be useful specially when the device you are using is complicated in terms of VPN installation like Smart TV.

Types of VPN

There are mainly four type of VPN which are used all over the world for different purposes. All of them are listed below.

  • Remote Access VPN (Connects User to a Private Network)
  • Personal VPN (Connects User to the Internet through third party server)
  • Mobile VPN (Connects User to a Private Network)
  • Site to Site VPN (Connects Network to another Network)

Disadvantages of using VPN

With many advantages of using it, there are also many disadvantages of using VPN, some of them are listed below.

  • Some VPNs make the internet connection slower.
  • Many websites and services block the users using VPN.
  • The level of encryption isn’t always upto the mark for some VPN clients.
  • It isn’t legal in many countries.

Is VPN Legal?

Using VPN provides many benefits but many countries around the world have banned its complete or partial usage as it stops the government and its agencies to keep track of internet usage of their citizens. They heavily fine the people who use the VPN and they also might have to spend some time in jail. Most of the countries doesn’t stops its citizens from using it and VPN usage is increasing with every passing day.


The internet security will always remain a big problem but countering it in different ways doesn’t stops either. VPN is one of the way to hide you internet presence and activity from being tracked and access the content of your choice from anywhere in the world. There are many Best VPN for PC and other devices like Nord VPN which can be downloaded easily from the internet. Some of them are free whereas some of them are paid.

We tried to convey to the enough information about VPN through our blog but if you still have any question about VPN, you can simply ask in comments section.

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