What is VPN and Why do i Need it? – Complete Guide

What is VPN and Why do i Need it

The world is using the internet more than ever and the information flow through it is unimaginable. The extended use also comes with the risk of stealing the user data and tracking their activities without their consent by hackers, government agencies, ISPs etc. This creates a loophole in the internet security which needs to filled … Read more

What is SSL Certificate and How it Works? – Complete Guide

what is ssl certificate and how it works

When running an online business or website which transfers sensitive information like user data, password, email, credit card details from browser to the server, there is a big risk that this data might get stolen by some hacker sitting in between. As there is no encryption, it will be steal and might be used for … Read more

Best WordPress Themes For Software Companies 2023

best wordpress themes for software companies

Many businesses like software companies always want to increase their online presence and to outrank their competitors. This can be achieved by creating social media accounts and website. Majority of the companies prefer WordPress CMS for creating and managing their sites as it is easy to use, maintain and always free to use, some additional … Read more

How to Add Pages in WordPress Website – WordPress Tutorial

how to add pages in wordpress website

After creating a website through WordPress, the next step is to configure it and some important information into it like this website is about, the data it will collect from the user and if it is ecommerce website additional information like return policy, shipment methods, payment methods should be present on the website. This piece … Read more

How to Install Child Theme In WordPress – Beginners Guide [Complete Method]

how to install child theme in wordpress

WordPress themes offer many customization options through which you can change layout, colors, typography and many other options but sometimes built in options are limited or the settings you are looking for isn’t available. In this situation you might wonder the how to install child theme In wordpress? or you might also try to add … Read more

How to Install Plugin in WordPress – For Beginners [Complete Guide]

how to install plugin in wordpress

You might’ve installed WordPress on your hosting or on Localhost and now you thinking that how to install the plugin in WordPress. Wait, you aren’t alone here, many newbies who got done with installation of the main platform get stuck at this point but don’t worry we will share with you the complete method of … Read more